Old commands. RIP old DaxBot. I guess.

Server Commands for Non-Mods: 

db!insult [@user] = DM's an "insult" to mentioned user 

db!idle-on/db!idle-off = Sets status to idle on/off 

db!dnd-on/db!dnd-off = Sets status to DND on/off 

db!nou = Uhhh..... 

db!RandomDM @[user] = Send a random DM to a mentioned user. 

db!joinvc = Joins the VC you're in

db!leavevc = Leaves the VC 

Commands for DMs and Servers: 

db!commands/help = Pulls this up 

db!about = About DaxBot 

db!GeckoMapTester = Gives file for GeckoMapTester 

Commands for Server Moderators: 

db!ban @[user] = Bans the mentioned user. 

db!kick @[user] = Kicks the mentioned user.